About Us

Barwidgee Pastoral Co

For over 80 years Barwidgee has been synonymous with high productivity, high stocking rates and superior cattle genetics.

The Barwidgee Angus herd has been a leader in performance recording since the 1960’s and was one of the foundation herds for the performance recording system that has ultimately developed into Angus Group Breedplan.

Barwidgee is now a herd of over 600 performance recorded cows. Our focus has remained unchanged with all the breeding fads that come and go. Our number one goal is producing cattle that will increase the profitability of cattle breeders.

“For the cattle breeder the key to profitability lies in the performance of the cow herd and its ability to turn off the maximum kilograms of beef per hectare at the lowest cost of production.”

Barwidgee sells around 120 bulls per annum. Click here to get details of their Spring and Autumn Sales.

Family and Farm

The Kelly Family

Barwidgee is a family run and owned farm situated in Victoria’s Western District. It is owned and managed by David and Wendy Kelly, along with their two daughters Asha and Elizabeth.

Barwidgee is 1200ha and runs both the Barwidgee Angus herd and a flock of fine wool merinos. It is a high stocking rate property that operates around twice the district average.
As a family owned farm we take the stewardship of the land seriously. We are serious about improving the environment and genetic diversity on Barwidgee.
In the last 20 years we have undertaken significant revegetation and fencing.


We have fenced and revegetated the riparian zone of over 5kms of the Mustons Creek. We have put in over 20km’s of shelterbelts/wildlife corridors using native species. We take care not to let the ground cover of Barwidgee reduce to a level that would enable erosion to occur.

In 2008 the Kelly family celebrated 100 years of ownership of Barwidgee.

Photos from Kelly 100 year celebration