Commercial Benefits

The benefits of Barwidgee Angus are seriously important when it comes to the profitability of a cattle-breeding operation.

Who wouldn’t like to produce more kg’s of beef per hectare for a lower cost of production?The easiest way to achieve more kg’s beef/hectare at a lower cost of production is to focus the production system on a per/ha basis and not on a per animal basis. For some breeders this will be a major paradigm shift. Trying to top markets and produce the most amount of profit per head rarely assists profitability.

Profitable Cattle breeding we believe lies in the cattle managers ability to focus on those things we have control over, and to not place to much attention on those things we have little control over such as price received per kg.

It is widely agreed that the cow herd consumes around 70% of the feed in a cattle breeding operation. Therefore the selection of the genetics of the female breeding herd is one of the most important considerations for the cattle breeder. Unfortunately many breeders seem to be attracted to bulls with traits that are more suited to terminal sires or steers for feedlot production, the cows produced are often a by product of this type of breeding system. It is understandable that these types of cows do not perform as efficiently as cows that are selected for their ability to perform as part of a breeding herd.

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