Why Sim Angus

Barwidgee Angus and Black Simmental

A productive genetic combination

On Offer

In 2011 we are pleased to present to you our first auction offering of SimAngus bulls. This line up of 18 month old bulls is out of an elite mob of proven Barwidgee females. They are sired by proven low birthweight high carcass merit polled, black Simmental bulls.

GW Lucky Dice is from the exceptional performance genetics program of Gateway. Lucky Dice is a homozygous polled, homozygous black Simmental bull. Lucky Dice is highly proven in the USA and Australia as one of the best curve benders in the breed. He was our first choice of Black Simmental genetics because of his proven performance. His progeny have demonstrated an excellent ability to maintain marbling and improve EMA when run in the same contemporary groups as our Angus.

Hustler is another calving ease Black Simmental bull with excellent growth. Also homozygous black and polled his progeny exhibit ideal muscle expression.
The Angus dams of our SimAngus are all proven females. They have proven their fertility, calving ease and productivity in the Barwidgee herd for a number of years. A number of them have produced Barwidgee herd sires. These cows were chosen for the predictable, reliable performance of their genetics. We did not want any surprises.

These SimAngus bulls have run in the same contemporary groups as their Angus counterparts, any differences you observe are mainly genetic.

Why SimAngus

The reason we choose to introduce Black Simmentals into our breeding operation was for the complementary traits the breed offered to us. Our Angus program continues to provide high quality seedstock with a proven track record. To expand our range of options on offer to clients we have designed a hybrid product to better suit the cross breeding market.

The Black Simmental breed enabled us to increase carcass traits with out loosing marbling, increase growth with out loosing fat cover. In addition to this we have been able to increase productivity and hybrid vigor in a product without loosing our primary goals of running and maintaining an efficient and fertile cow herd.

Our strict breeding focus on productivity, fertility and low maintenance continues to be the driving force behind our breeding decisions. This new hybrid product on offer is bred and selected under the same conditions.

Commercial Benefits

Simangus offer considerable benefits to the commercial cattle producer.

Hybrid Vigor – increase weights in calves.

  • Longevity and production increases in female herd

Market Suitability

  • Higher growth rates
  • Higher yields
  • No loss in marbling
  • Black hides
  • Polled

Breeding herd

  • The ideal balance of maternal and carcass traits. No two breeds offer more commitment to profitability.
  • Gains generally boost overall productivity by 10% to
    20% in the first cross animal and by 20% to 25% where
    the first cross female is used as a breeder.
  • Exceptional boost in weight gain and carcase yield
    along with the bonus maternal characteristics of extra milking ability and fertility.
  • Emphasis on calving ease and low birthweight